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We are the leading bank in our catchment area when it comes to e-zwich. Visit any of our agencies for your ready to use e-zwich cards, replacement, modify details, withdrawals and deposits etc. Our point of sale devices are available for your services.


Receive money on your ezwich card anywhere in Ghana!

E-zwich is the brand name for the National Switch and Smart card payment system. The e-zwich payment system is an innovative method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana. The e-zwich system offers Deposit-taking financial institutions (i.e. Universal banks, Rural banks and Savings and Loans) a platform that enables them to interoperate.


  • Highly secured; because of the fingerprint biometric identification.
  • Accepted by all banks and easy to use.
  • Funds on savings wallet of the card accrue interest of over a period.
  • Cardholders are able to move funds to and from a regular account at ARB Apex Bank.
  • A 24/7 Access to payment points and POS terminals at numerous locations like supermarkets, filling stations and hotels.
Security Alert! Kindly take note that Jomoro Rural Bank will never ask it's cherished customers to confirm neither Pin or Password via SMS or email. Thank you.